Free Yourself From Time-Consuming Management Tasks
A PEO saves you time. A PEO reduces your workload and frees up time and resources by assuming control of various employee-related responsibilities. Rather than hiring an in-house human resources person you can hire us for a fraction of the cost.  This dramatically reduces non-productive labor costs and gives you the advantage of an entire human resources staff for less than it costs to hire a single human resources person.
Shared Management Where You Retain Ultimate Control
We share responsibility but you always stay in control. Once business process outsourcing begins, we share many of the employee management tasks although you always maintain administrative control of your employees. The advantage to partnering with us comes with the extensive expertise we have in all of the employee management areas. We are always available for questions and can also step into the management process whenever you need us to.
We're Helpful and Friendly; Your EMployees Will Know
Because good will runs downhill. Sunwest Employer Services has the customer service and personalized approach necessary for a PEO to be effective.  We're different than most impersonal, corporate PEO's. We like to speak to you directly and we have staff members who can visit your facility and help educate your employees on their healthcare and other benefits.  We know that if you're happy your employees will be happy too.
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Business process outsourcing can be one of the most important elements of your company's overall strategy. After outsourcing tasks such as benefits administration and human resource management, the newly available time can be dedicated to the kind of progress that makes your business more competitive. A good Professional Employment Organization, or PEO, such as Sunwest Employer Services, will supply the expertise and professionalism to do administrative jobs correctly, while making available to your business the top-quality benefits normally associated with large corporations.

The arrangement between a PEO and its subscriber companies could be described as shared employment or co-employment. Once business process outsourcing begins, the subscriber and PEO will each have certain roles in employee management. For example, employees will report Sunwest as their employer for insurance claims and related issues, but administrative control of the employees will stay with the subscriber.

The key to using a Professional Employment Organization for business process outsourcing of human resource management and other tasks is to find a PEO with the responsiveness necessary to deal with unexpected problems as they come up and the capability to conform to your unique situation and goals. Sunwest Employer Services emphasizes customer service, and our trained administrative staff is eager and willing to address unexpected needs in payroll and other areas. Also, since we handle all of our processes in-house, we are able to customize our outsourcing services on an individual basis for each of our subscriber companies. Contact us to find out how we meet the business process outsourcing needs of companies in the Phoenix area and beyond.