An Extremely Economical Way to Help Grow Your Business
Hiring a professional employer service organization is very economical. For less than you'd think we can help with your management workload.  Rather than hiring an expensive human resources manager (and staff) we can offer a larger number of services for a much lower price.
Free Your Time To Manage and Grow Your Business
Outsourcing will reduce your workload. If you're spending too much time managing your employees your not spending enough time growing your business.  By partnering with our broadly experienced staff you can relieve yourself of daily details that keep you from working.
Avoid Costly Mistakes with Payroll & Worker's Compensation
Keep your company and your employees safe. Besides costly and inconvenient payroll mistakes there are a multitude of employment laws which change frequently and can affect your bottom line. We have staff who specialize in labor law who will keep you and your employees from making costly mistakes.
Offer Benefits to Attract and Keep the Best Employees
Offer big-time benefits. With business process outsourcing through a PEO, you can offer the same employee benefits as a large corporation. From retirement plans to group healthcare we can help with competitively priced packages customized for your needs.

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One common misconception about business process outsourcing with a PEO is that only larger companies can afford it. In fact, there are many advantages for a small business in working with a PEO, at very little cost. A six-month time and motion study conducted by the University of Texas showed that small to medium businesses spent 8-10% of payroll on non-productive labor costs. As a PEO, Sunwest Employer Services provides many advantages for small businesses with business process outsourcing for these time-consuming areas.

Highly skilled and friendly, our professional staff can explain the advantages for small business and help you meet your business process outsourcing needs.

What advantages for small business can Sunwest Employer Services business process outsourcing make?

Running everything in-house
The advantages for small business of business process outsourcing with Sunwest
Areas like workers' compensation management can drain your time and resources. Issues like claims and suits force you to stop your work and take the role of administrator.

Of the many advantages for small business, issues like law suits, workers' compensation and EEO claims, unemployment hearings, garnishments, and sudden terminations are easily handled.

Options for small business health insurance and self employed health insurance are often limiting. For small to medium-sized companies, it can be difficult to offer attractive group health insurance coverage and other benefits.

Sunwest pools all of its subscriber company's employees, providing advantages for a small business normally associated with a larger organization. We provide group health insurance, a section 125 cafeteria plan, a 401(k), and other voluntary insurance products.

As part of our business process outsourcing service, we provide an on-site benefits orientation session. A Sunwest enrollment coordinator will meet with you and your employees to go over all of the benefits available. Employee benefits is one of the most important advantages for small business of business process outsourcing.

In-house processing of payroll accounting requires a large scale effort, even with only a few employees. Either dedicated staff must be hired or process must be passed off to others within the organization who likely don't have an accounting background. Payroll mistakes can come up in the rush and cause great inconvenience to both employees and employers.
Sunwest business process outsourcing offers complete payroll processing. Submitting hours easy and secure. Choose fax or email, or report using our online system.

We are happy to help you with variable incentive compensation and other special circumstances. Simply report the number of hours and the incentive portion, and they will be broken out as two line items on the check. We run payroll every day, so you have flexibility in choosing your payroll schedule.

For a small expense, business process outsourcing with Sunwest makes payroll easier for both you and your employees. Reap the advantages for small business of payroll processing with Sunwest