Group Buying Power for Big Business Packages
No matter what your company size we can assist you in customizing a benefit package tailored to your company’s vision.  With just a few full-time employees you can offer benefits that are competitive with major corporations.
Save Time and Effort by Outsourcing Benefit Administration
Customer service is our specialty!  Let us provide the support for administration of your benefit package.
Take the Hassle Out of Benefits
We offer an array of benefits. Group insurance packages can be structured to your specific goals and objective.   Why not let us do the leg work and administration of your benefit package.
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Employee benefits play a critical role in attracting and retaining quality employees, and, of all the benefits, quality affordable health insurance is valued above all.  When evaluating employee benefits, a potential employee looks for appealing group health insurance.   Options for small business health insurance and self-employed health insurance are often limited.  With Sunwest Employer Services, small and medium sized businesses can offer the top-quality employee benefits of a large corporation.

By pooling all of our “client” employees, we can provide an excellent range of employee benefits including attractive group health insurance packages, section 125 cafeteria plan, 401(k), dental, vision, life insurance and supplemental insurance products as well.  Your benefits will be customized to your individual needs, and you are always free to maintain your current health insurance program if you choose.