Save Big On Taxes With Employer Matched Funds
Deduct pre-tax contributions. By making matching contributions to your employee 401(k) you can double the employee retirement benefit and save on taxes at the same time.
Get and Keep the Best Employees

Attract employees like the big guys. Draw top employees and encourage loyalty. By offering a robust 401(k) plan you're demonstrating your dedication to the long-term financial stability of your employees. By making pre-tax contributions to the account you can easily double your employees retirement benefit.

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Our 401(k) Plan is an excellent example of the employee benefits and human resources you can offer your employees by working with a PEO. By pooling all of our employees, we can offer employee benefits normally associated with larger companies. Add a sense of long-term security for your employees; you'll retain some of the best. One of the many advantages of business process outsourcing with a PEO is that our knowledgeable customer service staff is always available to answer questions and solve problems concerning human resources issues, including our 401(k) Plan- we do the work, and you save time.

In addition, we offer an excellent range of other employee benefits and human resources including group health insurance, a section 125 cafeteria plan, and a selection of voluntary insurance products. Since we handle all human resources issues in house, we are able to customize our employee benefits services to each of our subscriber companies on an individual basis.